Younger people with MS stuck in care homes for older people

Tuesday 14 November 2017

We’ve discovered more than 3,000 people in England under the age of 65 – including people with MS – are living in care homes for older people.

That means that, across the country, almost one in seven younger adults in residential care could be living in homes that were never designed for them.

Another symptom of the care crisis

We know that older people’s homes can’t always meet all the needs of younger disabled adults. Living in an environment with people significantly older, often with complex conditions like dementia, can impact the quality of life and mental health of younger adults with MS.

People with MS should have a choice of care that’s right for them, whatever their age and needs. This is yet another example of a social care system in crisis. As part of our campaign to End the Care Crisis, we've launched a new report showing people with MS aren’t getting the essential support they need.

In it we also make recommendations for how the system should improve.

British public ‘embarrassed’

We did a survey with the Care and Support Alliance (CSA) to find out how the British public feel about the care crisis. We asked them what they would expect if they needed social care themselves.

We found out:

  • Six out of ten (61%) people believe the care younger disabled adults receive is embarrassing.
  • Three quarters (75) say they would be scared for their future if they became unable to look after themselves.
  • Eight in ten (79%) want the government to urgently fix the social care system.
  • People rank social care as the second most important issue facing our government compared to issues on a similar scale.

No more missed opportunities

Michelle Mitchell, our Chief Executive, said: “In 20 years, we’ve seen at least 10 government consultations and reviews on social care, but haven’t seen the change we urgently need.

“Next week’s Budget is a crucial opportunity to close the funding gap, expected to reach £2.5 billion by the end of the decade.

“Our polling shows the British public are appalled by government inaction and believe our country must do better to support those who need help to live independently.”

Tell the government: we need action

Together, we’ve already reached 90% of all MPs in England with our emails about the care crisis. Thank you!

Now 80 other charities are helping keep up the pressure.

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