We’ve made some changes to our website!

Tuesday 30 April 2024

We’ve been busy behind the scenes and working with our MS community to create a best-in-class website.

What’s new?

The main differences you’ll notice right now are:

  • a new menu structure
  • new visual designs including fonts, colour palette, illustrations and animations
  • new taxonomy (which you won’t really see). This is how we group content internally to help people find what they need

We’ve restructured the main navigation menu. We did this by using card sorting testing with members of our community, to see how people naturally grouped the different types of information on our website. We haven't changed or removed any of the website content. But it might be somewhere different to where you’ve previously found it.

As part of our new look,  we’re using more illustrations and animations. Both can help clearly express difficult or complex subjects. For example, in our "benefits explained" animation. Our new colour palette and fonts help make our website even more accessible.

Our new taxonomy will help to personalise your experience on our website. It'll also make it easier to find the information and resources that are relevant to you.

Why have we made these updates?

We last changed how our website looked in 2018. So a refresh was due. Our goal was to create a website that’s ‘best-in-class.’

We know a lot of people first meet us through our website, often at an early stage in their MS journey. We also know people come back to us time and again for information, news and to connect.

Our new website makes it as simple as possible for you to find what you’re looking for. So you can easily access the information, support and community you need.

Involving the MS community

We worked with members of the MS community to help us develop the new-look site. For example, by testing how easy the new menu structure was to navigate. We worked with a co-production group that included people from across the MS community.

We're delighted to have worked with the MS community in designing our new website. We hope that our refreshed brand will resonate with our community. And our website will be even more helpful and easier to use.
Ed Tait, Director of Engagement and Income Generation

What’s next?

This is the first in a series of improvements aimed at helping our users have the best experience they can. And receive the help and support they’re looking for. We’ll be making more improvements to the website later in the year.

Let us know what you think about our new website