#BackThe1in6 – calling for change together

Friday 3 June 2022

1 in 6 people in the UK live with a neurological condition. Today we’ve launched a new campaign with the Neurological Alliance calling on the UK government to #BackThe1in6 so they can access the services and support they need.

A new report from the Neurological Alliance shows over two thirds (67%) of people with a neurological condition aren’t getting the mental wellbeing support they need. 

Read the Neurological Alliance report (PDF, 7.40 MB)

Their survey also found people are experiencing delays to life-changing treatment and care, with hundreds of thousands of people waiting for neurology and neurosurgery appointments. People also aren’t receiving the right information and support, when being diagnosed with a neurological condition.

This must change. Together with the Neurological Alliance, we’re calling on UK governments to back the 1 in 6, and to establish a Neuro Taskforce.

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My MS team are so understaffed

Mat, 49, from Oxfordshire, has been unable to access crucial support. Mat says:

“My condition has really impacted my moods and self-esteem – I felt like a failure because I couldn’t work as much, or support my wife in the way I wanted to. There was no offer of support or counselling to help me cope with the diagnosis and adapt to life with MS. I’ve never been offered any mental health support from my MS team.

“Mental health is such an important aspect of living with MS, and it’s really crucial you’re able to have a conversation about it with your team. I really wish I could have had counselling at the time of my diagnosis. It would have helped me a lot and maybe would have stopped things getting so bad – but my MS team are so understaffed.”

Specialist support is vital

Phillip Anderson, Our Head of Policy and Evidence, says: “The stark findings from ‘My Neuro Survey’ echo what we all too often hear from our community – that despite MS dramatically impacting their mental health, professional help is just not available. MS is relentless, painful and disabling and having access to specialist support is vital.

“It’s imperative the government do more to address the needs of the one in six people in the UK with a neurological condition, including those with MS. We’re joining the call on all UK Health Ministers to put together a Neuro Taskforce to make sure we have the right services in place for everyone with neurological condition.“

UK governments need to act

Last year, 8,000 of us signed an open letter for our Neurology Now campaign, calling for better access to MS and neurology services. By joining up with other organisations, we want to see progress towards people with MS getting the vital support they need.

Delays to life-changing treatment and care, and a lack of mental wellbeing support can’t continue. Help create real change and sign the petition today.

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