MS Society Edinburgh Centre for MS Research

About the project

We have funded research at the Edinburgh Centre since 2007. Already, they have made several breakthroughs working with researchers from the MS Society Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair. Together they’ve been successful in identifying molecules and pathways that are important in myelin repair, including RXR-gamma and activin-A

In this new grant, Professor Chandran and the team will study the cells and molecules involved when nerves get damaged in MS. Damage and eventual loss of nerves is what causes disability progression in people with MS, but we still don’t fully understand the causes of it or have the tools to monitor it in people with MS. The team will test out promising new treatments using human cells and animal models, and develop and refine ways of measuring damage to nerves in the brain.

How will it help people with MS?

Our Edinburgh Centre has become a world leader of MS research, supporting many highly promising young scientists. Their focus on the biology of progressive MS will contribute enormously to the search for treatments that can stop MS.

The ultimate goal of this new 5 year grant is to improve our understanding of how nerves are damaged in MS, and turn that knowledge into new treatments that can slow, stop or even reverse disability progression for people with progressive MS.

The difference you can make

Researchers at our Edinburgh Centre are working hard to find effective treatments that slow or stop MS progression, which is our number one research priority. We are grateful to our supporters who have made this work possible.