Doctoral Training Centre in symptom management: using digital health therapeutics to treat MS symptoms

In 2024, we launched two brand-new Doctoral Training Centres. The centres will investigate how we can best manage MS symptoms without the use of drugs. And they’ll provide high quality training for a group of PhD students. 

 The Doctoral Training Centre at King’s College London will focus on how we can use digital health interventions to treat MS symptoms.  


MS has many different symptoms that can vary from person to person. Common symptoms include depression, pain and sexual difficulties.  

Currently, many of these symptoms are mostly treated with medication. But research shows that digital health technologies, like apps, may help treating symptoms without medication. 

Creating one single point of access that offers app-based interventions for multiple symptoms may help improve access to interventions to manage a variety of MS symptoms.  

About the project 

The Doctoral Training Centre at King’s College London will research how a single, digital platform called “My MS Digital Symptom Toolkit” may support people living with MS to manage their symptoms. A total of three PhD Fellows will investigate how different interventions in the toolkit may help with the following symptoms:  

  1. Pain 
  2. Psychological distress (for example low mood or anxiety) 
  3. Sexual difficulties 

How will it help people with MS? 

The team will incorporate these interventions alongside an existing programme of work to manage fatigue in MS. Over time, the researchers hope to add additional interventions to the toolkit, for example support for bladder and bowel difficulties. The researchers hope that, in the future, the toolkit will become available as MS routine care to help people with MS to manage symptoms.