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Professor Siddharthan Chandran

Professor Charles ffrench-Constant

University of Edinburgh


About the project

We set up our Edinburgh Centre in 2007 with generous support from the Volant Trust. Their aim is to speed up the discovery of treatments for people with MS.

They have made several breakthroughs over the past five years, working with researchers from the MS Society Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair. Together they’ve been successful in identifying molecules and pathways that are important in myelin repair, including RXR-gamma and activin-A.

Researchers in Edinburgh are now focusing on causes and mechanisms behind progressive MS, along with testing new ways to slow or stop progression. Crucially, they’ll be using stem cells as a model for studying MS in the lab, taking a closer look at the underlying biology of MS in nerve cells and their surroundings.

How will it help people with MS?

Our Edinburgh Centre has become a world leader of MS research, supporting many highly promising young scientists. Their focus on the biology of progressive MS will contribute enormously to the search for treatments that can stop MS.

The difference you can make

Researchers at our Edinburgh Centre are working hard to find effective treatments that slow or stop MS progression, which is our number one research priority. We are grateful to our supporters who have made this work possible.

The next research breakthrough is in reach

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£30could process one blood sample, giving researchers crucial information about genes and the immune system.

£50could pay for an hour on a microscope, so scientists can study cells and tissue in greater detail and improve their understanding of the biology of MS.

£100could pay for half an hour of MRI use, so researchers can monitor the success of clinical trials and understand MS in more detail.

Every penny you give really does take us a step closer to stopping MS. Your donation will make a difference.

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    Our minimum donation is £2, please enter a different amount.

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£30a month could process a blood sample to help us understand what causes MS, so we can stop it in its tracks

Your regular donation means we can keep funding world class MS research with confidence. Together we will stop MS.

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