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Stop MS Appeal

To stop MS, we need to find treatments that slow or stop progression for everyone. That's why research is so important. Find out how your support helps clinical trials.

Over 130,000 people live with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the UK. It’s different and unpredictable for everyone, making it hard to know how it’ll progress. At the moment, existing drugs only work on one aspect of MS - the immune system.

To stop MS, we also need to find ways to repair myelin, the protective coating around nerves, damaged in MS. To do this, we need to connect research from the lab right through to the clinic. We need to understand things like how damaged nerves signal for help and how myelin-making cells are activated.

With your help, we’re funding pioneering research. Developing the treatment pipeline from lab research to clinical trials and one day delivering a treatment for myelin repair.

Research such as Dr Selinda Orr’s is looking at specific proteins in the brain and spinal cord and the role they play in myelin repair in MS.

And right now, the team at the Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair are testing to see if the combination of two existing drugs can help the brain regenerate myelin. The research is now in an ongoing phase 2 trial. Which means a small group of people are taking the drugs to find out if they’re safe and effective for people with MS.

We’re making real progress in all areas of myelin repair research. Will you donate today to help us continue to build the connections between MS, its causes, and how we can stop it?

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