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My Family and MS

Talks with MS are hosting a series of webinars and facilitated peer groups in partnership with the MS Society. Join us as we talk family and MS.

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Talks with MS are hosting a facilitated peer group which will be discussing the topic of My Family & MS. We’ll be joined by Talks with MS Founder, Terri-Louise. Terri-Louise will guide us through the evening to discuss talking to your family about your MS. We’ll be chatting about opening up about MS and sharing tips to get you talking.

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Terri-Louise launched Talks with MS to help connect the Black Community and MS Community. In this peer group, we've created a space where you can chat, reflect and meet others with MS.

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What do you need to take part?

All you need to join in is a laptop, tablet, phone or computer with access to a microphone and camera. You'll need a stable internet connection to use the video meeting software that we use.

What if I haven’t been sent the link?

We send an email with a link and some reading to everyone who completes the registration form on Eventbrite and books a place. The email we send might go into your spam or junk folder so please check before the sessions start that you can find it.

What should I do if I can no longer attend?

If you find that you are unable to take part please get in touch by using the following details below to let us know [email protected] so we can offer up your place to someone else.

Please keep an eye out for our other Living Well services that are available. We are delivering a topical webinar every month. You can find more information on virtual support events here.

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