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7 ways to be kind to yourself

It's Mental Health Awareness Week! This has got me and Dizzy thinking about the importance of showing kindness to yourself.

This is important for everyone, but particularly when you're living with the difficulties of coping with a chronic illness like ms. Dizzy has taken it upon herself to come up with 7 different ways that we can be kind to ourselves :)

1. Create time for yourself

Find time everyday to do something that you enjoy and that helps you relax.

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2. Give yourself recognition

Be aware of your own achievements (however small these may be) and celebrate them :)

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3. Forgive yourself

Remember that we all make mistakes and to accept these as part of life.

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4. Take care of yourself

This can be doing small things such as eating a piece of fruit every day, doing ten minutes of exercise and making sure to get an early night. 

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5. Do things that make you happy

Try to do things that make you happy everyday!

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6. Remind yourself of your good qualities

We all think of the things that we would like to change about ourselves but remember all the good things too :)

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7. Show yourself compassion

Treat yourself how you would treat others. Be supportive to yourself without criticism and recognise that we all make mistakes and go through difficult times.

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How are you being kind to yourself this Mental Health Awareness Week? We’d love to know if you're doing the things we’re doing or something different. xxx

‘Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the World.’ – Pema Chödrön

About Heather: Heather is an actor and teacher with MS. Dizziness is the MS symptom that she struggles with the most, so she decided to chart her MS journey with Dizzy the donkey.

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