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Ann the poet

Ann sits resting against a rough concrete wall next to a shop mannequin's torso

Ann is a TV addict and writer with relapsing remitting MS.

Being part of A Rather Queer Evening

It’s LGBT history month and I was asked to perform some of my poems for an event called A Rather Queer Evening by The Ashton Group Theatre Factory and Friends & Supporters of the Furness LGBT Community.

Life with the MS hug

Ann shares her experience of the infamous MS Hug, a painful condition that some people living with MS have periodically around their chest and torso.

Making changes to my medication

I didn't realise how blurry my vision was until I could see clearly again. I feel more in tune with my body and even though it's become more obese and clumsy, it's so much better than it was last year.

How to stop having bad days

Sometimes I feel like I've nailed it. I have a routine and a good balance of exercise, work and pleasure. Other days, I wake up grumpy.