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  • MS Society campaigners at Westminster

There is no cure for MS. Yet.

But research is progressing faster than ever before. We’re making real strides.

And your involvement can, and will, take us further.

Find out how you can move us closer to our vision of a world free from the effects of MS...


Every challenge, every step taken, every cake sold — every penny — takes us a step closer to stopping MS.

Find out what you can do to help us get there.

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Help out a local MS Society branch, drive a minibus or edit a website. There are lots of ways to offer your time to help people affected by MS.

Find out more about the volunteering opportunities available.

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£17 million invested into 70 research projects — and counting. Until we find a cure for MS, every penny raised makes a difference. 

Find out more about your giving options.

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