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How do I work with the MS community on my project?

Co-production starts with the people we support and ends with solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs.
This page guides you through some things to think about before you start, and introduces an approach to tackling a project with people living with MS involved from the start.

Co-production toolkit

Looking for templates and exercises for working with the MS community?
Download the toolkit

Getting started

The steps to co-production

Developing solutions through co-production is all about:

  • building empathy with people who will use the solutions
  • generating lots of ideas
  • developing prototypes
  • asking for and acting on feedback as you finalise your solution
  • sharing your solution with the whole MS community.

How to approach your project

Image: graphic showing the four stages of double-diamond method - discovery, define, develop and deliver.

When co-producing a project, we follow the Design Council's double diamond method, which divides a project into four steps:

  • discovery - using insights from the community to understand your problem
  • define - working out which insights are most important for the project
  • develop - starting to create solutions, testing and learning from the community as you go
  • deliver - sharing your chosen solution with the whole community

> Find out more by watching a short film from the Design Council on YouTube

The tools you need

Our co-production toolkit is a collection of templates and exercises for you to use with people living with MS at every stage of your project.

> Download our toolkit

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