An animation showing the key ideas behind co-production - diverse, joined up, give and take, empowerment. Nothing about us without us.

Working together to find the best solutions for people with MS

People with MS, and their loved ones, are experts in their condition. By working together to plan, develop and deliver projects, we can make sure that the end result is what the MS community needs.
When we co-produce a project, we all bring different, but equally valuable, skills to the table.

Co-production toolkit

Looking for templates and exercises for working with the MS community?
Download the toolkit
How can you know what I need if you don’t ask me? Caroline, living with MS, one of our experts by experience

Why working together matters

"When I was diagnosed, I was all over the place. Getting my life back together was a kind of journey. I wanted to make something of it, because if I just walked away, all that experience would be wasted. It's a way to give back."
Santosh, living with MS

"Without co-production, we won't be able to shape our services in the way that our community wants those services to be provided."
Sam Walker, Assistant Director of Information and Support

"We've learnt so much from everything we've been through. It's great to have an opportunity to contribute, to use what we've learnt to help other people with MS."
Sarah, wife of Karine, who has MS

"If you embrace co-production, you'll find the experience of working on a project, and the eventual outcome, is so much better."
Ed Holloway, Executive Director of Services and Support

> Watch an introduction to co-production from volunteering organisation Spice on YouTube