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Board of Trustees

Our board currently has 13 trustees including a chair, vice-chair and treasurer. Many trustees either have MS, or someone close to them does. All trustees are volunteers and are not paid.

Meet our trustees

What do trustees do?

Trustees help decide on our strategy and monitor our performance. They also:

  • agree the business plan and performance targets on an annual basis
  • approve each year’s budget
  • monitor compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements
  • oversee a framework of delegation and systems controls.

Trustees are recruited for their skills or experience, to help us run effectively. We're a multi-million pound not-for-profit organisation, so we need people with a wide range of skills and experience of business, MS, and other areas to succeed.

Trustees are expected to share our mission and values and agree to commit time and energy to the work of the Board. 

Board meetings

The Board meets four times a year. There are also meetings of expert committees (Audit, Risk and Finance, Governance, and People), on which some Board members sit.

Any of our members can attend the non-confidential parts of a board meeting by booking in advance - contact us at [email protected] for details.

Electing trustees

Our members elect Trustees at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). They are appointed for a term of three years and generally cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms. Trustees elect a Chair for a five-year term of office.

Candidates for election as Trustees will be proposed at this year's AGM on Saturday 5 December.

Find out more about our AGM

Apply via our Trustee vacancy page at BAME Recruitment

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

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