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UK heatwave: managing MS in hot weather

The Met Office has issued extreme heat warnings for parts of the UK next week. We’ve gathered together some tips and information to help you cope with the heat if you’ve got MS.

How hot weather affects MS symptoms

We know MS symptoms can get worse for many people when they're hot. And over 60% of people with MS say they experience heat sensitivity.

Our Temperature factsheet explains the effects temperature can have on MS and has tips on staying cool in hot weather.

And our research blog on heat sensitivity looks at the science behind temperature and MS, and the latest research in this area.

Tips for keeping cool with MS

People with MS have shared with us their top tips for staying cool. You may already be using some of these, but you might find something new that’ll work for you.

Members of our community are also in the news this week, talking about how they find the heat, and ways to cope. Read the BBC news story on cooling solutions for people with disabilities.

And hear from Sabrina who lives with primary progressive MS talking on the BBC Access All podcast.

UK government heatwave guidance

The UK government has issued guidance for everyone in the extremely hot weather. If you want more local advice, take a look at national government and health service sites where you are.

Remember, if you’re worried about the heat or how you’re feeling, always contact a healthcare professional.