Campaigners hold up signs expressing their frustration about the devastating impact that cuts are having on people who rely on social care and support.

Social workers say care is being cut to shocking levels

Social workers have spoken out about the devastating impact cuts are having on people who rely on care and support.

It’s the job of social workers to assess what support someone needs to keep them safe and able to live independently. Community Care magazine and the Care and Support Alliance, which we are part of, surveyed social workers about the challenges they face trying to get people the care they need.

Vulnerable people at risk

Almost 500 social workers took part in the survey. Their comments reveal the incredibly difficult position they’re often in, as they increasingly have to restrict or remove care entirely due to lack of resources.

For example: “[There is] strong pressure from my line manager and commissioners to reduce costs as a main priority.”

“Colleagues constantly battle to keep packages at an adequate level to support clients....”

Their descriptions of what cuts can mean in practice to people who need care were appalling:

“A person with hoarding issues and a tendency to eat rotten food had their shopping and housework call cut, resulting in an admission to hospital with food poisoning.”

“The person requires support with walking to the bathroom, but due to the cost he is now required to contribute towards it so he has decided he would rather have the risk of falling than an evening call.”

No more time to waste

Our Chief Executive, Michelle Mitchell, responded: “This report lays bare the harrowing realities social workers face thanks to a system that hasn’t been properly funded for decades. Our own research shows that too many people with MS are bearing the brunt of cuts, with one in three not getting support with essential everyday tasks.

“The Government has promised to improve the social care system and additional funding and reform has to come quickly. People who desperately rely on care shouldn’t be forced to keep paying the price for their inaction.”

6 weeks of action for MS

Over the next few weeks, we're calling on everyone to speak up for the rights of people with MS. We'll be asking you to take action on social care at the end of this month.