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Shift ms launches online tool to improve mental health, the social network for people with MS, has launched an online tool to help people with MS ‘be kind to their mind’.

Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tool specifically designed for people with MS. It aims to help people cope with the uncertainty and complex range of emotions that accompany an MS diagnosis.

Increasing understanding

Led by Rona Moss-Morris, Professor of Psychology as Applied to Medicine at King’s College London, the tool intends to help people with MS recognise negative feelings early on and learn to understand what is fuelling them. Users will learn how to reframe ‘unhelpful thoughts,’ do small activities to boost mood and have the opportunity to talk through similar thoughts with other people with MS.

Influenced by our work

The development of ‘Thought Sort’ was influenced by our Supportive Adjustment for Multiple Sclerosis (saMS) manual – a guide designed to help people adjust to the challenges of living with MS through CBT.

Imogen Scott Plummer, our Head of Care and Services Research, said: “The saMS manual has proven to be an effective way of offering invaluable support for people adjusting to MS in the first ten years following diagnosis.

“The resource helps people adapt to living with MS, manage stress and social relationships and guides people to set goals, problem solve and prepare for the future.

“We’re delighted has built on this work, with Rona Moss-Morris and her team, to offer an alternative way of accessing this support.”

Thought Sort’ is currently in research mode. Users who sign up before April 2016 can be part of a study to understand if the tool can help people with MS