Photo: a woman in an appointment with a nurse

NHS toolkit to improve healthcare services for people with progressive neurological conditions

We've worked with NHS England and other charities to develop a tool that aims to improve services for the 2.2 million people living with progressive neurological conditions, including MS, in England.

Joined up support for people with MS

The NHS ‘RightCare toolkit’ gives local health bodies ways to tackle the shared challenges people with these conditions face.

It provides clear guidance on what services should be doing to improve, and how they can do it. This should mean more timely, joined up support for people with MS across the country.

Working together to prioritise neurological conditions

We created the toolkit with Parkinson’s UK, MS Trust, MND Association, Sue Ryder, MSA Trust and PSP Association. By working together, we’re much more likely to see these conditions prioritised in the NHS.

If implemented successfully, the NHS estimates there could be 2,500 fewer emergency admissions to hospital a year for patients with these conditions. This will free up £10 million to spend on improving services.

Find out more about the toolkit on the NHS England website