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Humiliating PIP process is cheating people with MS

Today we’ve published new research which reveals how PIP assessments are failing people with MS.

Major problems at every stage

Our survey of nearly 900 people with MS in the UK has identified major problems with every stage of the claims process. It shows:

  • Over half (55%) who had a face to face assessment don’t believe their assessor had a good understanding of MS.
  • Assessors are making incorrect decisions based on ‘informal observations’ (the way people look or act during their assessment). Of the people who told us their report included ‘informal observations’, nearly half (48%) said their assessor had incorrectly made assumptions they could do something else.
  • Two thirds of people (65%) who responded to the survey struggled to complete the application form because it's too long and complicated.

PIP doesn't work for people with MS

MS can increase living costs by around £200 a week. PIP is meant to help manage these extra costs, but too many people with MS are having reduced or cut altogether.

Last year we revealed how 83% of people who appealed their PIP decision after moving from the old benefit, Disability Living Allowance (DLA), won their case at tribunal.

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We need an assessment process we can trust

Genevieve Edwards, our Director of External Affairs, said: “The PIP process is failing people with MS at every stage, and cheating thousands out of vital support. From tackling the complex form and to challenging an incorrect decision, people tell us it’s humiliating and degrading to spend months fighting for PIP.

“Ahead of the coming election, we want politicians to recognise that people with MS deserve a welfare system they can trust. Decisions should be backed up by evidence not assumptions, and assessors need to have good knowledge of the condition."

Take action now

Help us make sure the next UK government commits to fixing PIP once and for all:

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