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Government consult on life after lockdown

A committee in the House of Lords is investigating some of the long term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It wants to hear from a wide range of people before making recommendations to the UK government.

The consultation closes on Monday 31 August. This is a great opportunity to speak up for MS, we hope you'll add your voice!

What do the Committee want to hear about?

The Committee want to know what you think will be (or should be) different about life 2 – 5 years from now because of the pandemic.

That could be because of rules in place that mean we have to do things differently. Or people's attitudes changing overall.

They're asking

  • Are there any positives you can take from the pandemic?
  • What are you are most worried about?
  • What do you most hope changes for the better?

Other questions you could think about:

  • What, if anything, might change for the better for people with MS as a result of the pandemic?
  • Are you worried about the long-term impact on your health or finances?
  • Has the fact many things in life have moved online, like doctor’s appointments, helped you at all?

Speak up - it only takes 5 minutes!

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve responded to lots of government consultations. They usually start with our favourite bit - hearing from you, followed by writing lengthy documents. Which is a lot less fun.

What's exciting about this one is how easy it is to take part. All you need to do is tweet your thoughts to @HLCOVID19Com using #LifeBeyondCOVID.

You can write them as your tweet or send a photo. Or you could record a short video or sound clip of your thoughts and tweet that.

Making a video, photo, or spoken submission

  1. Record your thoughts on your phone or laptop
  2. Tweet the committee at @HLCOVID19Com using #LifeBeyondCOVID
  3. Please remember to tag us too, on @mssocietyuk so we know the sorts of issues you are raising!

Be aware, when you post using #LifeBeyondCOVID, the Committee take this as permission to use your post as part of its inquiry (including on their website and in any publications it produces).

If you’d prefer you can write down your thoughts on a document or email and send them to us at [email protected].

Get creative - say it with art

If you want to get creative, the Committee want to hear from you!

They accept all forms of creative submissions, from paintings, to poems. So get thinking about how you can best express your thoughts about the next few years!

Read more about the consultation on the UK parliament website