David and Clifford at DBC event holding placard that says 'Make welfare fair for disabled people'

New report shows disabled people are hardest hit by welfare changes

Yesterday we were in Westminster as part of the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) to launch a new report on the impact of ten years of benefit cuts on disabled people.

We were joined by David and Clifford, both living with MS, so they could speak to MPs directly about their experiences of the benefit system.

Research shows disabled people are four times worse off

We know that welfare support is vital for many people with MS. But changes to the benefits system have left many worse off. The DBC’s new report shows disabled people are four times worse off financially than non-disabled people.

While many people who receive welfare support have experienced cuts of an average of £300 per year, disabled people have typically lost around £1,200. 

We're calling on the Government to make urgent improvements to the welfare system to ensure it works for everyone. 

"PIP has caused me and my family a lot of anxiety and stress"

The problems with the current benefits system can have a devastating impact on health and wellbeing.

Pam, who has MS, had her support cut by £290 a month after she was assessed for PIP in 2017. She’s now appealing the decision but says the stress of the process has had a huge impact on her health. She said:  

“In the last 10 weeks I’ve had a massive relapse. I went dizzy and lost all feeling in my left leg. When I spoke to my neurologist he said the relapse was probably caused by stress. I’ve also been depressed and eating less.

PIP has caused me and my family a lot of anxiety and stress. It’s caused my MS symptoms to worsen, which has reduced my mobility, confidence, and ability to take care of myself physically as well as mentally.”

Help us keep up the pressure

In September, we’ll be coming together again to take further action on PIP.

We need to tell the UK Government what needs to change on PIP assessments and we won’t stop until they’ve made big changes.

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