An infographic stating that only 3% of people with a long-term condition said they had a written care plan.

Broken promises on giving people control of their care

NHS services still don’t give people enough control over their health and care, despite two decades of policy promises.

This is according to new research by National Voices, a coalition of over 160 health and care charities which includes the MS Society.

A mixed picture

There have been some improvements to information and communication with patients. But people still don’t feel as involved in health care decisions as they want to be.

The report found only 3% of people with one or more long-term conditions had a written plan for their care and support.

The quality of care you receive varies depending on who you are, where you’re from and your background.

National Voices also found your family’s involvement in care is not seen as essential. And less than a quarter (23%) of carers said they’d had a social care assessment.

Personalised care for MS is vital

Care planning and coordination are vital in making sure people with MS can access proper support to manage their condition.

Our own My MS My Needs research shows only 7% of people with MS were offered a care plan by the NHS.

Worryingly, 5% of people with MS said no one currently coordinated their care, while 15% said it was a carer or member of their family.

We’re calling for everyone with MS to be offered a care plan or care plan review. This is a key way for people to be involved in their care.

We also want people to have a single point of contact for their care, to coordinate care across a wider team.