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1 in 3 people with MS going without essential care and support

Our survey of over 9,000 people with MS in England shows that over the past four years demand for social care among people with MS has gone up. But fewer are getting the support they need.

Situation has worsened

In 2013 we conducted the first My MS My Needs survey to look at the health and care needs of people with MS across the UK.

Our 2016 survey shows higher proportions of people are now paying for care and relying on family and friends to care for them.

Most worryingly, 1 in 3 people with MS who need help with essential everyday activities like washing, dressing and eating aren’t getting the support they need.

Long term solution urgent

Our Chief Executive Michelle Mitchell says: “We’ve known for some time that the social care system has not been meeting people’s needs; but this latest evidence brings that knowledge into a new light.

“We welcome the Government’s £2 billion investment in social care over the next three years. It will help in the short term but social care desperately needs long-term funding to improve the system for people who rely on it. A solution that works for older and disabled people, including those with MS, must be found before the end of this parliament.”

You can help

The Government is currently looking at the future of social care in England and how it is funded. This is an opportunity to tell them what life is like living with MS and what needs to change, urgently.

We want to hear about your experiences of care and the impact on your life.

Whether you receive some social care support or none at all, or care for someone who needs it, please contact our campaigns team: [email protected]

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

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