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Making a difference every day

Angie is our Regional External Relations Officer for the north of England.

A personal connection to MS

A close friend was diagnosed with MS a few years before I applied for this job. I’d seen how difficult it was for her and her partner to work out the best treatment options, find the right people to talk to, and come to terms with having MS in their lives.

I can honestly say, I learn something new every day

My past employment involved supporting people with learning disabilities to speak up for themselves and make sure they were at the centre of developing the services they used.

When I saw this job advertised, I loved the idea of using the skills I’d developed to help a whole region. And my connection to MS made it a great job choice for me.

It just gets better and better

As an organisation, we keep getting better and better at what we do! We never seem to run out of innovative ideas, campaigns, projects and activities, which help people affected by MS to take control of their care, treatment and support.

Influencing the NHS, local authorities and other organisations can be slow. But I know even the little changes make such a huge positive difference for people. That is why I love my job.

We’re in this together

The main reason I set my alarm clock every morning, is that people affected by MS are part of the team. Their dedication and knowledge about everything from fundraising to campaigning is what makes the MS Society a truly amazing organisation.


I know that everything I do at work is driven by what people affected by MS have said is important to them. It really makes me want to put my skills and commitment to good use every day and make change happen.

Don’t delay, come and join us

It’s fantastic to be part of a big team who are all super keen to share their knowledge to help support people affected by MS. I love how there’s always a new challenge to work on, how well supported I feel and how I can honestly say, I learn something new every day.

Don’t spend long thinking about it - it’s an amazing place to work!

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Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

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