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Kayla Vuong

A nurturing environment where you can grow

Kayla is a member of our research team, she shares her experience as a biomedical specialist working to stop MS.

Combining technical and real world experience

I knew about MS in my degree through medical definition and viewing MRI scans, but less so about the real effect it can have on the day-to-day life of people living with it. I always wanted a career that would enable me to make a big impact in the world. For me, being Research Programme Manager at the MS Society allows me to do just that.

Making real measurable improvements for those living with MS

I have supportive colleagues with a wide variety of expertise who share the same vision. Together we have the chance to make positive change for people with MS.

I’m involved in some key research programmes such as the Tissue Bank at Imperial College London, which are crucial in supporting MS research. It’s rewarding to know that the work I do daily is to ensure that we fund the highest quality and most relevant research to improve the lives of people affected by MS.

Together we can make a difference for people living with MS

It’s more than a job

Working closely with a lot of high profile researchers in MS, it’s very motivating to see many of them choose to help us by volunteering their time and expertise despite their busy schedules.

Their passion to find treatments for MS reminds me that we are not alone in our search. These researchers are all working towards the same goal we are and believe the same thing - together, we can make a difference for people living with MS.

Being supported and encouraged to excel

The MS Society is a nurturing environment where you can grow both professionally and as an individual. I am so proud of everything our people have achieved, but I am all the more excited for things that we will achieve in the near future.

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