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Board and Council recruitment

Having the leadership of a strong and effective Board is fundamental to our success. And listening to what matters most to our community is vital to the impact we deliver.

Cymraeg | English

Members, England National Council

We’re also currently looking for people to join our England National Council. Our national councils help us reach further into the MS community in each nation of the UK, acting as ambassadors for our cause. And enabling people affected by MS to share what matters most to them. Councils help to deliver our strategy and national plans, and contribute to the Board’s understanding of nation specific priorities and issues. 

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About us

We fund world-leading scientists to search for new treatments. We make sure everyone can access expert information and services to help them live well with MS. We speak up together to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and rights are protected. We support each other when times are tough and celebrate together when they’re good. We make sure no one has to feel alone. 

Together we’re a community of people living with MS: friends, families, carers, scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, campaigners, and volunteers.

Last year we spent over £23 million delivering impact for our community throughout the UK. This is a huge achievement given the impact of the pandemic on our financial position.

The MS Society in 2021 and 2022

The pandemic has affected every part of our lives from the beginning of 2020. We’ve seen big changes to the way we work together as an organisation, and an impact on our financial position.

We’ve been there for our community during the pandemic. We made the most of digital technology to connect and support people, and made sure their voices were heard. It’s important for us to keep this going. We want to engage with and be able to support more people, and to know them better. And to be a truly inclusive community, we need to reach groups that’re under supported and underrepresented in our work.

In 2021, we launched our new engagement offer, For you. This was launched to reach more people and give them the information they want and need, in a way that works for them. And we’re supporting our colleagues and volunteers to embrace our culture and values. And we’re looking at ways of working that nurture diversity and inclusion, and engagement. 

We’ve never been closer to stopping MS than we are today. In 2021, we continued the public phase of our Stop MS Appeal to raise £100 million for MS research. And we launched Octopus, our world-first clinical trials platform. Octopus will speed up the process of identifying which drugs slow or reverse disease progression by testing several drugs at once.

We’re working with our community to co-produce new services and support, driven by what matters most to them. And we’re changing how we influence NHS MS services and others So everyone can access the services they need.

We know we’re stronger when we work with others who share our vision. We’re exploring strategic partnerships that’ll help us make a bigger impact, and make best use of our resources.

All this and more lies ahead of us as we continue to build on existing plans and successes in 2022. It’s a big task. But together, our community is a unique and powerful force for positive change. Join us. And together, we will stop MS.