Introducing our MS Helpline specialists

Wed 30 August 2023

Meet our MS Helpline nurses Razia, Liz and Jennifer, and our physical activity specialists, Shahida and Sarah. Here, they talk about their roles within the helpline and explain how they can help support people affected by MS across the UK.

MS Helpline nurses

We know some NHS services are under huge strain and that many people with MS have difficulties making contact with their medical teams. So in the spring of 2020, we started our MS Helpline nurse service.

Although we’re not a substitute for the MS team and can’t offer direct medical advice, we can give you medical information on things like:

  • diagnosis
  • symptom management
  • MS treatments
  • medication side effects
  • lifestyle.

We can support you by phone, email and on social media.

As well as working on the MS Helpline, we also take part in online webinars and support sessions, including regular online webinars for people newly diagnosed with MS.

Physical activity specialists 

A healthier lifestyle and generally moving more can help manage a range of MS symptoms, including difficulties with balance, spasms, stiffness, low mood and anxiety.

As physical activity specialists, we work remotely, for up to 12 weeks, with people with MS who'd like to manage their symptoms better through exercise. We can help by:  

  • building your confidence to become more physically active
  • supporting you to achieving your individual goals
  • giving you information on nutrition and making healthier lifestyle choices
  • exploring ways to overcome barriers
  • supporting you to access local services and groups.

For more information and to register your interest, have a look at our moving more with MS page. Please note - this is not a physiotherapy service.

A photograph of all of our MS Helpline Nurses

Part of a bigger team

Of course, we’re part of a bigger team. Our MS Helpline has been offering support and information to people affected by MS for over 30 years. Our team also includes:


We currently have 25 Helpline volunteers, who are the first point of contact for people who call our MS Helpline. They provide emotional support and information for anyone affected by MS.

Support officers

Support officers are available to provide information and emotional support to anyone affected by MS.

Information officers

Information officers provide information on a wide range of topics such as short breaks, respite, grants and research.

Benefits advisers

Our MS benefits advice service offers free, confidential advice to people affected by MS in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Legal advisers

We work with the Disability Law Service (DLS) to fund an MS legal service to help people with MS in England and Wales and The Legal Services Agency (LSA) for those in Scotland.

Befriending service 

Our befriending service gives people the opportunity to have a weekly phone call with a matched volunteer for 12 weeks.

Get in touch with our MS Helpline

Call our Helpline on 0808 800 8000. To speak with any of our specialist services, just ask to be transferred through. You can also email us at [email protected].

Find out more about our MS Helpline