Simple work outs for MS

Dom is a personal trainer whose mum has MS. He's developed exercises you can do whatever your level of mobility.

To get started, decide which of these descriptions sounds most like you and follow the links to watch our workout playlists. Your journey to moving more with MS is just around the corner.

I use a wheelchair

Watch Dom's tailored playlist to start strengthening your arms and shoulders to reduce stiffness. Take things at your own pace and take a break if you need to.


I have trouble walking

This series of videos covers both seated and standing exercises to help your balance and stability. We've thrown in some mat work to boost your core too.


My symptoms don't affect my mobility

If your MS doesn't affect your walking then this is the playlist for you. These videos cover cardio and core, as well as lower and upper body exercises. Ready, steady, go...

MS symptoms videos

We've developed a set of new videos that deal with specific MS symptoms.

Learn simple exercises you can do at home waiting for the kettle to boil that could make a big difference to how you feel.

>> Find easy exercises to help with MS symptoms

Tell us what you think

We made these videos to help you manage your symptoms. Will you drop us an email to tell us what you think of them?

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