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Stuart Nixon ms awards 2017

Simvastatin a bright future for MS research

Stuart Nixon

News of the simvastatin trial caught my attention and I just had to share it. It’s so exciting to finally see a treatment for progressive MS.

I was diagnosed with MS at 18. At that time I was a keen sportsman, making plans for university and looking to set goals for my future. The diagnosis was devastating.

Over 35 years MS has changed that life. I've used a wheelchair for 18 years, have sensory problems, memory and thinking challenges and bladder issues. That’s not to mention the effect that MS has had on my relationships, work and social life.

That’s why I’m always so keen to hear about progressive MS research.

Simvastatin as a treatment for MS

This new trial gives me hope that simvastatin could slow down MS progression – truly groundbreaking news. It could dramatically affect how our symptoms develop and how we live our lives. Only time will tell what the future holds!

Millions of people already use simvastatin to reduce cholesterol and the results in MS are really promising.

As someone who’s lived with MS for 35 years, it’s very exciting that people who are newly diagnosed might have treatment options I didn't.

Take part in the MS-STAT2 trial

Recruitment for the MS-STAT2 trial is now underway.

Read about the trial and register your interest on UCL's Queen Square website

Exciting times ahead for MS research

Progress in progressive MS research up to now has been slow, but it really feels like momentum is starting to build. There are lots of scientists focusing on this area and my hope is that all this research will bring some real solutions. After years of concentrating on relapses, progression seems to be the new buzz word and that’s great news.

You can read more about the phase 3 trial to test if simvastatin could become a treatment for secondary progressive MS by clicking this link.