Funding research that makes a real difference

We know how hard our supporters work to raise money for MS research, so we make sure it’s spent on science that will have the biggest impact for people living with MS.

Your priorities

We have a simple approach to deciding what MS research is most important - we ask people living with MS. With the help of the James Lind Alliance, in 2013 we worked with people with MS, families and health care professionals to find their top 10 MS research questions.

This involved hundreds of people sending in thousands of questions, and asking hundreds more to vote on them. The top thirty questions were then whittled down to our top 10 in a workshop.

Strategic investment chosen by you

We’re committed to funding high quality research designed to answer these 10 key questions. We do this through our open grant round, which allows researchers at any UK university or hospital to apply for support. And we invest internationally, such as through the Progressive MS Alliance.

We also commission research into priority areas that we don’t think are being addressed. For example, we are funding a UK-wide project to measure vitamin D levels in people with MS across the country. This is a crucial step in finding out if vitamin D could be an effective treatment for MS.

Every proposal that comes to us is rigorously reviewed by both science experts and people living with MS so that only the very best research gets funded.

Making a difference from coast to coast

We’re proud to be the largest charity funder of MS research in the UK. At any one time, we support around 70 projects across the country, each dedicated to addressing our research priorities.

We're also honoured to be collaborating with many more researchers in all four nations of the UK, and across the globe in North America, Europe and Asia.

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