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UK MS Clinical Trials Network

The UK MS Clinical Trials Network (CTN) is an initiative led by the MS Society supporting investigator-led clinical trials.


Robust clinical trials are essential to ensure potential treatments for MS are safe and effective. In 2007, we set up the UK MS Clinical Trials Network (CTN), a group of researchers, people affected by MS and healthcare professionals from different disciplines.

The CTN had one uniting aim, which was to develop an innovative clinical trial for people with progressive MS.

The CTN formed specific working groups which conducted research into key aspects of trial design and drug selection. Through the CTN, the MS Society commissioned £500,000 worth of underpinning research needed to develop the groundbreaking MS-SMART trial. The CTN now has expanded its remit and has formed working groups to address the following James Lind Alliance research priorities:

  • Which treatments are effective for fatigue in people with MS?
  • Does early treatment with aggressive disease modifying drugs improve the prognosis for people with MS?
  • Is vitamin D supplementation an effective disease modifying treatment for MS?

If you would like to find out more information about the CTN or its working groups please email

Supporting the research community

The CTN can support researchers across the UK in the following ways:

  • Help with the development of applications for funding, for example providing letters of support (subject to CTN Steering Group approval)
  • Identify people affected by MS to contribute towards the design of research projects
  • Assist in identifying appropriate co-investigators
  • Offer mentoring opportunities for Principal and co-investigators

To request a letter of support, please fill in an application form and email it to Please note we aim to provide letters of support to successful applicants within six weeks.

UK MS CTN funding opportunities

The CTN and its working groups can commission research to underpin the development of a clinical trial.