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GloBody monitoring for effective MS treatment

Test tube and lab equipment
Lead researcher:
Professor David Baker
Based at:
Queen Mary University London
MS Society funding:

There are over a dozen licensed treatments for people with relapsing MS, and some emerging treatments for early active progressive MS. These all work by targeting the immune system. But sometimes, people’s immune systems can react to a drug, and make antibodies against it, which can mean the drug stops working.

What happens in the project?

This project aims to make new tools to look out for and monitor this immune reaction happening. Both against the antibody-based drugs for MS we have now, and ones that come along in the future.

The researchers will make chemical mimics of the drugs and add them to a blood sample from someone with MS. You only need a small amount of blood, so this should be possible with a finger prick test. The chemicals then glow if that person’s immune system has made antibodies against the drug. And by measuring the glow, you can see how big an immune response that person’s body is making.

How will it help people with MS?

If we can test if someone’s body is making antibodies against a particular DMT, we can make better decisions about what treatment will suit that person best.

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