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Exploring the role of genetic factors in MS

DNA microscope
Lead researcher:
Dr Stephen Sawcer
Based at:
University of Cambridge
MS Society funding:

About the project

Genetic studies have identified over 100 genes that are linked to an increased risk of MS. However, little is known about how these genes are involved in the functions of the body and therefore how they might contribute to the development of MS.

This project will study the role of one of those genes, to see whether it can increase the risk of MS by causing immune cells to be more active, especially in lesions.

Researchers will specifically look at the effect this gene has on a specific subset of immune cells. Researchers will collect immune cells from 50 people with MS and 50 people without, to investigate how this gene affects the immune system. They want to find out if the immune cells behave differently in people that have different variants of this gene.

How will it help people with MS?

By studying the function of each gene identified, researchers can understand why it leads to an increased risk of MS. We need to understand more about the causes of MS, so that this knowledge can be used to identify new potential treatments for MS in the future.

The difference you can make

Understanding the underlying causes of MS is crucial in our fight to Stop MS. We can only do that with your support..

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

Urgent appeal: Help us be there for everyone with MS

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