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Exploring fatigue in children and adolescents with MS

Image shows a young child crying and looking out of a window
Lead researcher:
Professor Rona Moss-Morris
Based at:
King’s College London
MS Society funding:

About the project

Fatigue is a common symptom in children and adolescents with MS. In this project, researchers will review what is currently known about the factors involved in MS fatigue in children and adolescents. A group of children with MS will then be interviewed to better understand the impact of fatigue both for themselves and for those close to them. Building on these interviews, a larger study will be conducted to compare children and adolescents with MS to other groups such as those with chronic fatigue syndrome. All of this research will feed into the development of a model of fatigue and potential self-management therapies to help reduce the impact of fatigue on children and adolescents with MS.

How will it help people with MS?

Effective fatigue interventions have been designed for adults with MS, but there is not yet a design specific for children and adolescents. This project could help to work towards the development of a therapy for fatigue that is specifically tailored for the needs of children and adolescents with MS.

The difference you can make

Over half of children and adolescents with MS experience fatigue, which, for many, is among their most disabling symptoms. You can help us support research projects like this for young people with MS by donating to MS research.