Does fractalkine coordinate myelin repair in MS?

Image shows myelin making cells

Dr Anna Williams

University of Edinburgh


About the project

In MS, the protective myelin coating around nerve cells is damaged. Helping the body repair myelin is one of the most promising areas of research to develop new treatments for all forms of MS.

We've already discovered a number of molecules that promote myelin repair. But to develop the most effective treatments we need to identify those controlling the overall process. Research has highlighted a molecule called fractalkine, which may coordinate myelin repair.

Our researchers will discover if fractalkine plays a critical role in myelin repair using samples provided by our Tissue Bank. They will also test whether targeting fractalkine can promote remyelination in a mouse model of MS.

How will it help people with MS?

If we can show that fractalkine plays an important role in the remyelination process then we can look for drugs that control its presence in the brain. This is therefore the first step in developing an important new treatment that could benefit everyone living with MS.

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