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Can Gas6 help repair myelin in MS?

Photo of Dr Sassan Hafizi
Lead researcher:
Dr Sassan Hafizi
Based at:
University of Portsmouth
MS Society funding:

In MS the immune system damages the protective myelin coating that surrounds nerves.

At first the body is capable of repairing myelin. But as MS progresses myelin repair becomes less effective and damage accumulates, which means that nerves can’t function properly.

What happens in the project?

Our researchers have identified a molecule called Gas6 that can help to reduce myelin damage. They will now investigate how Gas6 works in more detail using mice with a condition similar to MS. They will also explore how we can target Gas6 to boost the natural myelin repair process in the brain.

How will it help people with MS?

We need to know how Gas6 works to help us develop new treatments that repair myelin. These treatments have the potential to slow or stop all types of MS.

The difference you can make

There are currently no treatments available to help repair damage caused by MS. We need to support innovative projects like these if treatments are to become a reality.