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Can a resistance exercise routine help reduce fatigue?

Photograph of a gymnasium
Lead researcher:
Prof John Saxton
Based at:
Northumbria University
MS Society funding:

Fatigue is one of the most common and difficult symptoms of MS to manage.

We need better treatments and management strategies that can help people with MS live life to the full.

About the project

The levels of fatigue people experience can vary considerably. This project will compare people with MS who have high levels of fatigue with people who don't, using a variety of neurophysiological measures (tests of how the nervous system functions). We hope this will deepen our understanding of fatigue.

The study will also involve a small randomised trial of 60 people to test if a resistance exercise programme would work as a treatment for fatigue in people with MS.

How will it help people with MS?

This study will improve our understanding of fatigue in MS and will also test one promising approach to managing fatigue. It is hoped that this will lead to improved treatments for fatigue in the future.

The difference you can make

For so many people living with MS, fatigue has a significant impact on their daily lives. Help us find more effective treatments by supporting research like this.