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Tcelna (previously known as Tovaxin) is a treatment being developed for secondary progressive and relapsing MS by Opexa Therapeutics

Current phase of trial:
Phase 2
Type of MS:
Relapsing MS

About Tcelna

How does Tcelna work?


Tcelna is a personalised therapy that aims to stop the attack on myelin in MS. It works by using a person’s own immune cells to alter the behaviour of their immune system.

How is Tcelna taken?

Tcelna is injected under the skin (subcutaneously) five times a year.

Latest Tcelna research

Abili-T trial

Researchers tested if Tcelna can reduce brain shrinkage (atropy) and slow disability progression in this phase 2 trial. In October 2016 the company developing Opexa announced that the treatment failed to have any effect.

The trial involved 180 people with secondary progressive MS.

Earlier research

TERMS trial

This phase 2 trial found that Tcelna did not significantly reduce relapse rates or disability progression. Further analysis however revealed that people with active relapsing MS, and those who had not previously taken a disease modifying therapy did benefit from the treatment.

The trial involved 150 people with relapsing MS or experiencing their first symptoms (clinically isolated syndrome).

Phase 1 /2 trial

In this early stage trial, which did not have a control group, Tcelna was shown to reduce relapse rates in active relapsing MS after one year of treatment.

What are the side effects of Tcelna?

Tcelna has been reported to be safe and well tolerated in the early studies. More information on the side effects and safety of Tcelna will be available when the current phase 2 trial ends.

How does Tcelna compare with current therapies?

Tcelna hasn't been compared with current MS treatments yet.

When is Tcelna like to become available?

Initial results from phase 2 trials have been negative. The company developing Tcelna announced in October 2016 they will review the data in more detail and decide their next steps.

We'll keep you updated on the progress of Tcelna.