Play our weekly MS lottery

Play our brand new weekly lottery today and help change the future of MS. It only costs £1 to enter and you're in with a chance of winning an incredible £10,000!

By entering, you'll be helping to fund our groundbreaking research, as well as campaigns and services for people with MS.

With your help, one day we'll stop MS for good.

How do I enter?

Entering is as easy as can be. Simply

  • play online on our lottery website or
  • call 01628 820 116 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

You can even join us by direct debit to make sure you never miss a draw.

Play £2 or £3 a week to double or triple your chance of winning - and give more to support people living with MS.

Win top prizes

For every £1 entry, we’ll give you a unique six-digit number. Match three or more numbers and you'll win one of our great cash prizes.

We've got prizes ranging from £5 to £1,000. If you match all six numbers, you’ll win the jackpot - £10,000!

  • Match 3 numbers in the correct order to win £5
  • Match 4 numbers in the correct order to win £25
  • Match 5 numbers in the correct order to win £1,000
  • Match 6 numbers in the correct order to win £10,000

Am I a winner?

You're a winner in our eyes for supporting our work, but we'll write to you if you win. We pay any winnings directly into your bank account too, so there's no need to claim either.

Not sure if you've won? Head to our lottery website where we announce our weekly winning numbers.

Every £1 entry counts for our community. So what are you waiting for? Your support makes all the difference.

>> Play our lottery today and change the future of MS.

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