Ross-shire Group

Linda McMurray

Telephone: 01862810835

We aim to provide support for all those living with MS, including families, carers and friends. This means making time for all such people and liaising about respite care and other related services. We pass on information that may be relevant.

Our group is small and friendly. It is like an extended family with a friendly, encouraging and supportive relationship.


We hold social afternoons in Evanton on Saturday afternoons at about 10-week intervals. These afternoons are very popular for those on the east side of the county.

We occasionally invite speakers along, but generally the members enjoy the opportunity simply to chat to each other.

Other 'one off' activities are organised throughout the year, including the Annual Lunch, Christmas Party – a visit to the Scottish Parliament in 2005, and the Cairngorm Railway in 2006 and 2010. We've also taken trips to Eden Court to see some of the wonderful shows they put on - most recently Swan Lake on Ice!


This is an ongoing activity and we are always thinking up new ways to raise funds.

We encourage people living with MS to speak to the group about possible financial support. Providing it is sound and appropriate, we always give it, either completely by the group or as a combined grant with MS Society Scotland. The group also looks to donate money to research into the causes of MS and to help find a cure.

In general, the role of the group is to raise the quality of life and care of its members and to work towards stopping MS.


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