Volunteering and fundraising

If you wish to help to raise money or volunteer, please telephone Peter Young (Branch Secretary) on 01242 520459 or pnyoung@ormail.co.uk. We are looking for people and companies who may be able to help in many ways.

Volunteering positions currently available:

Hydrotherapy helper

Members are able to go to the hydrotherapy pool at the Leonard Cheshire home in Leckhampton on Thursday mornings. A volunteer to assist participants to fully benefit from this is needed.

Join the committee

We are also keen to welcome new members to the Committee. If you would like to take a more active part in managing your branch, please contact Peter Young, as above.

Fundraising positions

If you, your employer, club or organisation would like to fundraise for people affected by MS here are a few ideas. You could:

  • hold a fundraising event for us, for instance a Cake Break
  • carry out a sponsored event for us
  • nominate us to be the designated charity for a sponsored event
  • participate in a sporting or other event and collect sponsorship money for us
  • volunteer to help out with one of our events
  • place one of our collecting tins in your business or place of work
  • have a non-uniform day at your office or school
  • could volunteer for one of our street collection days
  • get your local pub to hold a fundraising night for us, or donate a percentage of every pint

Also, donations to the MS Society or branch are always very welcome. If you would like to send a donation, please either contact the Branch Treasurer or visit the donations page of the Multiple Sclerosis Society website.

Street and store collections

The period from April to September is the time when most street and store collections take place and this season's collections are now under way. So, the first thing to do is to say a very big thank you to all those who have helped to organise collections (and count the proceeds) - Andy Jaynes, Avril, Elizabeth, Ruth and Wendy and all those of you and your families who have ventured out, come rain or shine, and collected for the branch.

Individually, you may sometimes wonder whether an hour or two collecting makes much difference to branch funds but it certainly does! It all adds up and most years we can expect to collect between £2000 and £3000 from these collections.

Several people have said recently that collecting can really be good fun  people are aware of MS and are chatty and supportive and its quite a satisfying feeling as the weight of money gradually builds up in the box.


Page last updated: 09 Dec 2016

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