If you have a mobility impairment, the accessibility of your accommodation and destination is something important to consider. More and more places are moving towards becoming accessible, but some are still a long way off.

There are some great websites and resources that can help make your search easier - you can even search some of them by your specific accessibility need. In this section find out about:

Where to find accessible accommodation, venues and destinations

Some useful starting points when looking for accessible places to go or stay are:

  • Open Britain, a directory of accessible accommodation and tourism attractions in Britain.
  • Disabled Go provides detailed accessibility information about venues which have been independently-assessed by their team of surveyors.
  • Tourism for All has an online directory of member organisations who promote accessible tourism. This includes accommodation providers in the UK and abroad.
  • Shared Care Scotland has information about accessible accommodation for short breaks in Scotland.
  • Holidays in the British Isles, a guide for people who want to take accessible short breaks in Britain, published by Disability Rights UK. Order the book from the online shop or phone 020 7250 3222.
  • Euan's Guide has access reviews for attractions, accommodation and leisure facilities across the UK. You can also select access needs to narrow down your search, and leave your own reviews.
  • Jumbulance Trust is an accessible travel charity for adults and children who are disabled or have a serious or complex health condition.

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Where to hire equipment

Some organisations where you can buy or hire equipment on a short term basis are:

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