Health care

  • MS nurse in hospital corridor

MS is unpredictable, so it’s often hard for people with MS to get the best from health care services.

The NHS is the world’s largest publicly funded health service. Knowing how it works can make a big difference to the care you get.

To get the most out of any appointment with a health care professional, there are a few things you can do both in advance and on the day.

An MS Nurse talking to her patient in a consultation

Care plans and proper monitoring and review can also make a difference.

Find out about getting the best from appointments

When trying to fit the various pieces of the health care puzzle together, it can really help to understand who’s who and what to expect from the various services.

Two MS nurses

Equipment is available from a variety of sources, not just the NHS. Mobility equipment like wheelchairs and walking aids is supplied by hospital based wheelchair service and local wheelchair distribution centres.


A wheelchair

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