Health and social care

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MS is unpredictable, which can make planning and accessing the right care difficult. 

This section explains more about healthcare, social care and residential care, and will help you get the best support for you.

MS is unpredictable, so it’s often hard for people with MS to get the best from health care services.

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The NHS is the world’s largest health service, which can make it complicated to find your way around.

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At their best, social care services (social work services in Scotland) help people to live fuller lives, providing support and offering choice.

Social carer on a home visit

It’s not always easy to access support in a way that suits each person and their individual circumstances.

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If you’re considering moving into residential care, it’s normal to have concerns. Some people want the security provided by residential care, where appropriate services and support are available.

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Finding and funding a care home can come with its own challenges, as you'll want the right place with the right support.

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