Severely affected by MS

  • Clive, severely affected by MS

If you're severely affected by MS, you rely a lot or completely on others. You're very restricted in how much you can move around. You'll have a lot of complicated MS symptoms.

This is also called 'advanced MS.'

You may find some of the information on these pages upsetting. There is help if you need it. See emotional support for more.

Advanced MS can affect almost everything you do, from eating to going outside.

People who are severely affected by MS, and those who look after them, will need a lot of specialist care and support. 

The symptoms of advanced MS are similar to those of any stage of MS.

But with advanced MS you'll have many of these symptoms at the same time, they won't go away and treating them can be complicated.


It really helps if care can be coordinated by a 'multi-disciplinary team'. This is a team of health professionals who specialise in different problems caused by MS.

An MS Nurse

The different specialists will make sure complicated symptoms to do with advanced MS are managed well.

Find out about care and support for people severely affected by MS.

Everyone with MS has the right to make choices about the care they receive now, as well as in the future. 

It’s a good idea to talk about these issues well in advance, as symptoms can make it hard for people to express their wishes.

Read more about planning end of life care

A elderly couple affected by multiple sclerosis hugging

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