Grants for providing information

MS Society publicationsWe want to help health and social care professionals to provide the best possible information to people with MS, especially those who are newly diagnosed.

Grants of up to £500 are available to help you provide vital information in MS National Therapy Centres and in other places where:

  • people receive a diagnosis of MS, or have a follow-up appointment after diagnosis
  • people affected by MS are in regular or formal contact with health or social care professionals, like community centres or rehabilitation centres.
  • health and social care professionals run awareness or information outreach activities

You can use the money for things like:

  • Display equipment for MS Society leaflets and local information
  • Computer equipment for internet use for people with MS
  • Exhibitions boards for MS displays in hospitals and at clinics and exhibitions

Applying for a grant

Please request the application and guidance form and from the Local Information Services Coordinator by email at


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