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MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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Run aground

Depression and emotional symptoms of MS often go undiagnosed.

I think I am depressed – and, I think I know why. For the past couple of months my condition has been deteriorating. This morning I am unable to wash myself or hold the electric toothbrush steady with both hands. My feet, fingers and legs feel like they have been given a numbing injection from the dentist. They ache all the time.

MS and work: dismantling barriers

Shana using her mobility scooter beside Brighton beachMy doctor peered at me over his half-moon glasses. “I am signing you off work”, he said gravely. “You have to sell your business and you have to stop. You know that.”

Love and multiple sclerosis

Trevis sat with a white dogFor a good long time now, I’ve taken one month every year to go off the drink (for health reasons, for self-reflective reasons, and simply to make sure that I could).

Maybe this will remind me

AnnSomething is wrong, my legs feel weaker than usual. I woke in the night having a spasm in my leg. I spent most of yesterday resting so I know I haven't done too much.

I check my pill box. Last night's pills are still there. 

Every day is different

Christopher sat on an undeground train

Every day is different. I would much rather every day was the same.

Mood swings and MS

In a series of blogs, clinical neuropsychologist Dr Annie Hickox answers your questions about the emotional or psychological effects of MS, from anxiety to sleep problems. The first is about mood and MS.

The question

Why does my mood change from calm and easy going to stressed and lacking in patience within minutes? It can then switch back just as easily. Could my fatigue be contributing? How can I track the triggers and help control my emotions?

Cognitively cloudy days

The majority of people with MS will experience fatigue at some point or another, and it will be worse for some people than for others. Like most things MS related! 

Karine lying down with her black and white kitten

What does 'disabled' mean?

Shana using a mobility scooter, with Brighton beach in the background“But do you see yourself as disabled?”

I looked down at my mobility scooter. “Um, yes” I replied, slightly confused. “I’m definitely disabled”.

Dealing with my MS pain

Mary sat in front of a boating lakeBefore MS, I didn’t really have to deal with pain much; it was mainly a case of taking the odd paracetamol for a headache.

The bucket list

Trishna dancing and laughingPeople often comment on how great it is that I live my life to the full.

Truth be told, my MS diagnosis six years ago was a turning point. I realised I’d been trundling along. Constantly putting things off "for another day".

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