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Stories for people affected by MS, by people affected by MS. MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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The summer solstice and trouble sleeping


I don’t know about you, but I feel strange going to bed when it’s daylight. Even when it is 11pm and my eyes are gritty and heavy, at this time of light nights, I feel like I am being lazy.

Coming up roses at the Chelsea Flower Show

Lorna at the Chelsea Flower Show

How Dad and I are both living with MS

Ben and his dad

Crotch-less suspender tights have changed my life

Gone are the days of struggling to pull up my tights after going to the toilet. No longer do I swing one-handed off a grab-rail as I fight with the obtuse item of clothing, intermittently crashing back down onto the loo. 

Carer of the Year winner Zena tells us why caring matters to her

Zena Nicolaou, 26, won Carer of the Year at the 2016 MS Awards earlier this year for her dedication to caring for her mother Niki.

Zena undertakes most of the household chores for her mother such as cooking and cleaning and helps her wash, do her hair as well as reading to her. She’s also helped Niki raise awareness of MS in the Greek community.

Olivia's dream came true when she met her hero

I’m Olivia, I’m 14 and I’ve been caring for my mother, who has MS, for the past six years. I am always on the go. If I’m not at home, I’m either at school or at work earning money to save for when we need it most. 

We are a single-parent family. Mum, my two brothers and I are all very closely connected. We have strong family ties, partly down to MS. 

Caring is the best job I’ve ever had!

Richard Collins is married to Janis Winehouse and is her full-time carer. He tells us about the challenges and highlights of a relationship where MS often dictates the schedule.

When Jan and I first got together seven years ago, she was driving. Jan would go out, do her shopping and was still working as a locum pharmacist.

How many kinds of sweet flowers grow in Dawn's accessible country garden?

More and more evidence is building about the value of gardening for people with MS, and now summer’s arrived it’s a good chance to spend time doing just that. We spoke to Dawn to find about more about her special garden and how it helps her manage her MS.

Musical stories magnificently sung

Sometimes you have to use the skills you already have, but put them to use in a way you may not have initially envisaged. The “Ms. A Song Cycle” album is fantastic example.

The album was conceived by lyricist Rory Sherman who knows well how MS can affect women - his mum and sister both have MS. The album will raise money for the MS Society and awareness about MS. 

Superstar Katie's weighty challenge

In September 2014, Katie decided she would honour her aunt and three other family members, who’d lived with MS, with an amazing show of strength. She pledged to lift 1kg for every person in the UK with MS over the month. All 100,000 of them. 

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