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MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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5 tips for coping with an MS diagnosis

Tasha and her friend Lee-Ann by the River Thames, in front of Tower BridgeNot feeling ‘quite right’ is probably something a lot of us with MS can understand.

Making a relapse nest

ShanaA few weeks ago I relapsed. I woke up and I couldn't raise my right arm. Then my right hand went dead. And over the next few days the vision in my right eye clouded over.

Dropped foot and falling over

KarineA few of us MSers are no strangers to falling and are well acquainted with the ground. One moment you're on your feet, minding your own business, the next you're lying on the floor quickly assessing what injuries you have.

Stress and MS

MaryEvery so often I’m reminded of how finely calibrated my life with MS is - how carefully I manage it with pacing and how easily it is thrown off balance.

My relationship with pain

AnnWhen I treat my pain like it's an enemy I get angry, the pain gets worse. I become rigid, sad and overtaken by pain. I feel lethargic, hopeless and helpless.

Feeling the impact of good (and not-so-good) health care

Helen standing outside, with hills in the background2004

"Yes, modern life. So tiring," says the doctor. She sighs. She doesn’t look at me. I wonder if I am wasting her time. Maybe it was a mistake to come here. And I have taken time off work for the purpose too. Perhaps I am indeed just a malingerer. Exactly what the good doctor appears to suspect.

Counselling and self-help

Two people talk

Clinical neuropsychologist Dr Annie Hickox answers your questions about the emotional or psychological effects of MS, from anxiety to sleep problems. The second is about managing stress. 

Giving myself a break: Deirdre's story

About 10 years ago, when I was 33, I suffered with various MS symptoms. After numerous tests over about 3 years I finally got a definite diagnosis.

Deirdre, her husband and her two sons

Finally finding part time work

AnnAfter two years of trying I finally got a part-time job.

It’s perfect, two days a week. Better than that, it’s at my local arts venue where I’m used to working as a freelancer and it’s one of my favourite places to relax. 

Facing my demons

HelenI didn't think I would ever ride a bike again. Me? No way. Not after being diagnosed with MS last summer.

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