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MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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Sharing, caring and getting a grip

AnnToday is a good day, the sun is shining and people are smiling. I used to think I was very grateful but my gratitude has reached a new level. I'm now grateful if I don't wee myself coughing.

I can’t recall what I’ve forgotten: memory and MS

Trevis with a white dog sat on his lapThe havoc that multiple sclerosis causes to the body can be matched (or exceeded) by the frustrations is brings to the mind.

Coordinating care: Trevor's story


We were an average family: me, my 30 year old wife and two young children. Then my wife was diagnosed with MS.

The reality of the drastic lifestyle choices we needed to make hit me: my wife’s salary was gone, and we needed to move house, as stairs were out of the question. And a million questions flooded my head.  

Gardening and MS: forgetting my worries

HelenTwo magpies stride across the lawn, chests puffed out as they strut. Two for joy.

And this garden has indeed brought me happiness. I forget about myself – MS included - when I garden. Nerve damage? Pah. Never enters my head. Not once. Good, isn’t it? My head – finally - gets some time off from all that worrying.


Chris on a London Underground trainMisunderstandings are becoming burdensome. I encounter them every day.

5 tips for coping with an MS diagnosis

Tasha and her friend Lee-Ann by the River Thames, in front of Tower BridgeNot feeling ‘quite right’ is probably something a lot of us with MS can understand.

Making a relapse nest

ShanaA few weeks ago I relapsed. I woke up and I couldn't raise my right arm. Then my right hand went dead. And over the next few days the vision in my right eye clouded over.

Dropped foot and falling over

KarineA few of us MSers are no strangers to falling and are well acquainted with the ground. One moment you're on your feet, minding your own business, the next you're lying on the floor quickly assessing what injuries you have.

Stress and MS

MaryEvery so often I’m reminded of how finely calibrated my life with MS is - how carefully I manage it with pacing and how easily it is thrown off balance.

My relationship with pain

AnnWhen I treat my pain like it's an enemy I get angry, the pain gets worse. I become rigid, sad and overtaken by pain. I feel lethargic, hopeless and helpless.

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