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MS is different for everyone - read real stories and tips from people who know.

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My Christmas wish list

Dear Father Christmas,

I do hope you’re well and gearing up for all those deliveries. Don't forget to wrap up warm and make sure your beard is properly protected.

"I don’t just read an MS neurology textbook, I read my dad"

Research Network member Ghazia in a cafe

I'm Ghazia, I’m 23 years old and live in London. I am a fourth year medical student from St George's, University of London.

Why I’m researching – and hiking – to stop MS

Dr Julia Edgar and friends at the 10in10 challenge

This year, one of our researchers, Dr Julia Edgar, took on the 10in10 challenge – hiking up 10 peaks in the Lake District in 10 hours. Julia explains what inspired her to get involved. 

Me and My MS nurse: Emma and Elaine

Emma and her MS nurse Elaine

Since Emma moved to the Isle of Wight, she’s been grateful to have MS nurse Elaine looking out for her. 

Emma on Elaine

When did you first meet Elaine?

When I moved to the Isle of Wight at the end of 2013.

Did you have any concerns about the appointment?

7 ways to be kind to yourself

Photo shows three knitted donkeys with cut out hearts and a clothes peg

It's World Kindness Day today! This has got me and Dizzy thinking about the importance of showing kindness to yourself.

Things I’ve learned about sex


WARNING - This blog is explicit. (Mum and Dad – please don’t read this!)

My ex-husband and I split up 10 months after I was diagnosed with MS. I was 29 years old, a wheelchair user and struggling badly with fatigue.

A good time to talk about sex

Trevis and his dog

Never an easy topic – MS or not – it’s time to talk about intimacy issues with multiple sclerosis.

Why now? For many of us there’s no good time to [external link] speak the unspeakables about MS and sexual difficulties.

MS doesn’t make you any less sexy

“You have MS, and you’re going to have the most amazing sex EVER!”

That was the message that flashed on my screen only a few days after I was diagnosed. It was from my best friend, sent after she finished watching a documentary about the love and sex lives of the UK’s disabled population, and it featured a woman with the same illness as me.

How counselling skills and mindfulness helped after my MS diagnosis


Remembering the world is a beautiful place may sound like a cliché – but I also think it’s something we don’t do often enough. How often do we really notice what’s around us, the colour of the pavement we’re walking on or the sounds as we cross the road?

4 tips for autumn half term family fun

Autumn leaves

Looking for autumn half term activities to do with your children? Read on! Four mums and dads living with MS share some great ideas for indoor and outdoor fun.

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