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Posts from June 2012

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So who counts as a carer?

I’m sure, in church,  I heard her make a vow to remain a faithful partner, "in sickness and in health,” all those years ago.

Like anything, if we could have predicted the future, perhaps it might have been different. I’m pretty sure, like me, she didn’t expect our lives to turn out quite the way they have.

My trip to the House of Lords

On Tuesday 19 June Baroness Pitkeathley of Caversham sponsored the Carers Week 2012 Parliamentary Reception in the River Room at the House of Lords. 

Donna's blog - in sickness and in health

In sickness and in health... well, I guess I took that one a bit literally?

Unsung heroes

‘I get by with a little help from my friends’ is so true!

When thinking of carers, we generally don’t think of the people who help so much by doing little things when they’re really needed. Instead, we think of people who spend all day, or several hours a day with a person.

Sarah's story: Olympic torch bearer and young carer

The journey that I’ve been through as a carer has taken me to many places, but I never thought it would take me to being an Olympic Torch bearer.

Mike's blog: access all areas ... not!

Mike can't always keep pace with his energetic dogs, but a mobility scooter wasn't quite the answer he'd hoped for. Let us know your experiences in the comment box below.

I’m not a great lover of forced exercise, so it’s taken a while for me to come up with solutions.

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